Life-skills and career training center

We believe that with good training comes great opportunity. Our graduates are workforce ready and trained to meet specific industry standards that will set them apart from others entering the field.

We currently offer certification and job placement in four career training tracks.

We also offer an entrepreneurship course for those ready to launch their own endeavors.

A holistic and personalized approach

Our mission is to empower women to enter the workforce by offering a holistic training approach to job preparedness as well as readiness for independent living. We have partnered with local companies in thriving industries to train individuals to specific standards in order to meet requirements for job placement. Additionally, we offer individualized SMART goals, life-skills education, career and entrepreneurship development courses, and ongoing career and personal support. Our courses are evidence-based and remain up-to-date with industry growth and changes.

Our graduates receive exclusive certification and are guaranteed interviews with leading companies in the Kathmandu area.

Student Housing

We offer an 8-month rent free student housing program that includes career training, internship, job placement, life-skills development, English tutoring and assistance in transitioning to independent living.


Studies show that 1 out of every 3 women in Nepal between the ages of 15 and 49 is uneducated. Of those educated, more than 80% are out of school by grade 11. Along with career training, we teach a variety of life-skills courses aimed at preparing students for independent living, caring for their families and job readiness.

Career Courses

It is easy for the boys to hunt for jobs compared to the girls,” said one 18 year old girl. We aim to empower girls with distinguished career skills, personalized goals and confidence. Our courses fully prepare graduates for the workforce. We offer four career training certification courses.

Trafficking Survivors

Every year in Nepal, 20,000 plus women and girls fall victim to Sex Trafficking. We have partnered with a number of organizations working to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate survivors by providing necessary skills for individuals to thrive, support themselves and their families and to retain their freedom.

Our trainers are trauma-informed and we prioritize scholarship opportunities for victims of sex-trafficking.

Our Partners

We partner with local companies in thriving industries to provide job placement to our program graduates. Contact us at empower@becomenepal.com to find how your business can help join the effort to empower women to thrive in the workforce. We would love to speak with you about additional courses or topics that we could teach to prepare students for a position in your company.

Our hiring partners: (1) Have opportunities to provide internships. (2) Are not obligated to hire our graduates. (3) Will commit to providing Become with job qualification minimums to which we will train to. (4)  Will commit to allowing our graduates to interview for open positions.

Become is a for-profit social enterprise established in Nepal. We charge a fee for our services and we pay our staff above-average salaries. Not all of the women we hope to serve will be able to pay for services and your scholarship donation will provide opportunities for undereducated and marginalized women to obtain employment, as well as for some women to avoid needing to return to sex-work. Your contributions are tax-deductible. Contact us at empower@becomenepal.com to find out more.

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