Our Courses

Our courses are taught in Nepali by native Nepali speakers. Our classes are part-time and allow for students, mothers, and those who may have other jobs to attend. Literacy is not necessary for most of our courses.

Each Career Course includes 3-4 months of in-class study, off-site hands-on learning, internship (as appropriate and available), and assistance with job application and job placement, plus certification after successful completion.

Our Life-Skills courses include 1-2 weeks of in-class study and a certificate of completion.

Our Student Housing Program includes orientation, four of our Life-Skills courses, monthly SMART goals with our Program Director/Career Advisor, our Workplace Professionalism course and enrollment in one Career Course. The projected timeline from orientation to job placement and transition to independent living is eight months.

We offer scholarship opportunities priortized for victims of sex-trafficking. Scholarship applications are accepted year-round and are granted based on need and availability. Scholarship applicants must provide a letter of recommendation to be submitted with the scholarship application. Recipients who do not complete the program will be ineligible for any future assistance, referral, or certification. Donate now to provide a scholarship.

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English Conversation Tutoring
500 npr/hour

One-on-one English conversation tutoring.

Wise Decision Making
4,500 npr

Problem solving
Critical thinking
Making good decisions
Safe choices
Informed consent
Being assertive
Local resources

Personal Finance and Budgeting
4,500 npr

Spending and saving
Managing priorities
Future planning
Writing a budget

Domestic Management
4,500 npr

Keeping a clean and peaceful home
Meal planning
Personal image
Money and time management

Health, Hygiene, Sex and Nutrition
4,500 npr

Personal hygiene
Healthy habits
Sex Education
Healthy eating
Nutrition for a healthy brain

4,500 npr

Labor and delivery

4,500 npr

Nature vs. nurture and loving discipline
Cultivating a peaceful home
Health and safety
Education and screen time
Family structure, goals and traditions

Career Courses

Workplace Professionalism
25,000 npr

Critical thinking for employees
Reading for comprehension
Maintaining a professional appearance
Workplace communication
Time management
Meeting etiquette
Understanding and following processes
Technology and computer literacy
Social media navigation
CV writing and job interviews

Data Entry
48,000 npr

Computer literacy
Microsoft applications
Data transcription
Image annotation
Web research
CV writing and job interviews

Domestic Worker
48,000 npr

Importance of a domestic worker
Tools and products
Cleaning rules
How to organize
Managing a budget
Employer relations
Cooking for the family
Establishing routines
Identification and portfolio

Hotel and Restaurant Hospitality
48,000 npr

Communicating with management
Interacting with customers
Cooking and food prep
Food service
Point of sale
Maintaining the facilities
Cleaning rules
Company handbook
CV and job interviews

48,000 npr

All about hair
Treatment and styling
Mani-pedis and nail art
Clients and portfolio